How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021

How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021


How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021

How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021
How To Make Vanilla Extract

Topic: How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021

Anyone who has made an American baking recipe will know that we use a lot of vanilla extract! The truth is that vanilla extract appears in almost all (if not all) American baking recipes.

The use of vanilla is not that common. I have never seen Simply Organic Vanilla Extract for sale in any supermarket. There are vanilla beans or artificial vanilla flavouring.

Although I love vanilla beans, they are not normally comfortable to use in most recipes.

As for the vanilla scent?

Those who have followed me for a long time already know very well that I do not like chemically manufactured products.

Even “natural” vanilla-flavoured products sometimes don’t even use vanilla! It seems crazy, but it is very true !!

The natural vanilla flavour can actually come from beavers as well, in the form of a “castor”. Castoreum is a secretion from beaver castor sacs (which they use to mark their territory). Due to the location of the castor sacs at the base of the beaver’s tail, the castor can also contain urine and secretions from the anal glands! Oh, how delicious!

So if you are a vegetarian or vegan, and you eat something with a “natural aroma or flavour”, it is possible that, without knowing it, you are consuming an animal product and a very gross one!

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Let’s See How To Make Vanilla Extract!

If you make it with the vanilla beans that you buy in the supermarket, you still don’t save a lot of money making the pure homemade vanilla extract. But, if you buy the pods online in bulk, you can save a lot of money doing it at home! As it does not spoil, it should be done in quantity.

  1. And the best part is that you can customize the vanilla extract by choosing different alcohol bases.
  2. The most common choice seems to be vodka. That’s the kind of vanilla extract that I started making years ago.

Then I was looking at recipes for bourbon vanilla extract. made with this type of whiskey. Commercial “bourbon” vanilla extract is not actually made from bourbon whiskey, rather it is named after the variety of vanilla being used, “bourbon” vanilla. Perhaps upon seeing the name, people began to make vanilla extract with bourbon. Be that as it may, I’m glad because it is very good with bourbon.

I also recently read that vanilla extract with rum is much smoother than vodka and that vodka is often used more because of the price. I don’t know if it’s true and I haven’t used rum in my extracts yet ( I don’t use alcohol), but I’ll still I will show you how you can make it.

How to Make Pure Vanilla Extract


How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021

How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021
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Learn “How To Make Vanilla Extract” at your home which is delicious and less expensive.

  • Author: Mustafa Rangoonwala


  • 1-litre alcohol (vodka, bourbon, rum) 35% or higher
  • 100200 g vanilla beans I usually buy the “bean extract” type to save money.


  1. Open the vanilla beans lengthwise to remove the seeds and place them in a glass container of your choice. To be considered “pure extract” of vanilla, the alcohol used must be 35% alcohol or more and it is necessary to use a minimum of 100 g of vanilla beans per litre of alcohol. With 200 g of vanilla beans per litre, you will have a “double strength” vanilla extract.
  2. Add the alcohol to the bottle and shake it.
  3. Store protected from sunlight and shake contents from time to time. The vanilla extract will progressively darken and take on a strong vanilla flavour. It will be “ready” to give away in about a month.
  4. When using the extract, you can “fill” it with a little more alcohol to keep the same amount. I usually add a pod or two from time to time, But even if you don’t … it will last you years.


  • Calories: 673
  • Sodium: 18mg
  • Carbohydrates: 25.3g

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How To Make Vanilla Extract Without Alcohol?

Vanilla extract doesn’t need to be made with alcohol, but finding a non-alcoholic version at the shop are often difficult and expensive. Fortunately, this is often very easy to try to reception and may prevent money. Just follow this easy recipe to form your own alcohol-free vanilla.

Why avoid alcohol?

Extracts are generally made with alcohol, as this is often the foremost effective thanks to extracting flavours of herbs and spices. this is often why most vanilla extracts are made up of alcohol. However, it’s not suitable for everybody, so it’s good to possess a non-alcoholic alternative like this recipe.

As it doesn’t contain alcohol, this vanilla is suitable for youngsters and adults who refrain from consuming alcohol. It also won’t add the underlying flavour of alcohol to recipes you employ it in. As a bonus, you’ll often find that glycerin costs but a bottle of rum or vodka, so this version is cheaper to form.

Ingredients To Make Vanilla Extract Without Alcohol
To make vanilla reception, you’ll need three simple ingredients: vanilla, food-grade vegetable glycerin, and water. you’ll also need a bottle to form and store the extract. A dark brown glass bottle works best, but a transparent bottle will work also.

Vanilla beans are the foremost expensive ingredient. Although you’ll find them at your local grocery, they will be very expensive and are often sold as one grain. Since you’ll need up to 3 beans, you’ll often find them cheaper online (buy vanilla beans on Amazon). the great news is that they will be reused surely batches of extracts.

You may be ready to find glycerin at your local pharmacy, but it’s going to not be food grade. There are different grades of glycerin and it’s used for a spread of things, including homemade beauty products. Many online retailers, including Amazon, sell vegetable glycerin, which is ideal for alcohol-free extracts (buy glycerin on Amazon). Just make certain to shop for one that’s on the “food grade” list.

Preparation To Make Vanilla Extract Without Alcohol

  • Making vanilla isn’t difficult, although you’ve got to twiddling my thumbs. the flavour of the flavorer is slowly extracted into the glycerin, so it’ll take a minimum of two months before it’s able to use. For this reason, it’s important to plan ahead and prepare well before it runs out.
  • To start the extract by mixing three parts glycerin and one part water, pour it into a glass bottle. Cut three vanilla beans lengthwise for every cup of glycerin you employ. Add the beans to the glycerin, ensuring they’re completely submerged. Then close the jar and store it during a cool, dark place. Shake the bottle once every week. it’ll be able to use in two months.
  • The final extract might not be as dark as alcohol-based vanilla and can have a syrup-like consistency. However, it’ll have the maximum amount of flavour and effect as the other vanilla.

Tricks and Tips for Vanilla Extract

  1. Although the recipe is pretty simple, there are a couple of tips and tricks to assist you along the way.
  2. The second batch is even easier. When you’re through with a bottle of extract, just add more glycerin. Vanilla beans are often reused two or 3 times before wanting to get replaced.
  3. Take advantage of the long service life. Its extract must be kept for up to four years and doesn’t get to be refrigerated. The glycerin acts as a preservative during this recipe, which is why the extract has such an extended time period.
  4. Be careful with recipes without glycerin. it is best to avoid any vanilla recipe that uses just water and vanilla. they’re a tract for bacteria. it’s going to appear to be an honest idea, especially if you cannot find glycerin locally, but it is a short cut that puts your health in danger.
  5. This extract is suitable for food use. Glycerin-based extracts (called glycerites) don’t contain sugar or gluten. Although called “sugar alcohol,” glycerin doesn’t contain sugar or alcohol, which is why it’s often utilized in foods labelled as sugar-free. Also, as long as you employ vegetable glycerin, the extract is right for vegetarian and vegan diets.

People also ask

How to make a vanilla extract from a vanilla bean?

You can use the same recipe as per your choice from above. I have added both Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Recipes so that you can decide your own method as some people would like to make in Vodka and others may not.

How to make vanilla extract at home?

The recipe which I have shown above can be made anywhere and anyone can make it without hassle. Key Point is to get Vanilla Bean and Glycerin,  which you can buy from amazon and you are good to go.

How to make vanilla extract without vanilla beans?

I have heard about this but don’t know if it’s successful or not but whatever it is, It is not Vanilla and I don’t suggest you to go for this kind of method. The recipe which I have shown about is not too expensive that one cannot buy or something so why not make something natural and pure.

How to make vanilla extract fast?

Yes, You can make it fast but using boil method where you add all ingredients and boil on medium heat and then fill in a jar for a week and it’s ready. I would personally encourage you to go with the recipe I have shown above to get the best results.

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