How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021

How To Make Vanilla Extract in 2021
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Learn “How To Make Vanilla Extract” at your home which is delicious and less expensive.


  • 1-litre alcohol (vodka, bourbon, rum) 35% or higher
  • 100200 g vanilla beans I usually buy the “bean extract” type to save money.


  1. Open the vanilla beans lengthwise to remove the seeds and place them in a glass container of your choice. To be considered “pure extract” of vanilla, the alcohol used must be 35% alcohol or more and it is necessary to use a minimum of 100 g of vanilla beans per litre of alcohol. With 200 g of vanilla beans per litre, you will have a “double strength” vanilla extract.
  2. Add the alcohol to the bottle and shake it.
  3. Store protected from sunlight and shake contents from time to time. The vanilla extract will progressively darken and take on a strong vanilla flavour. It will be “ready” to give away in about a month.
  4. When using the extract, you can “fill” it with a little more alcohol to keep the same amount. I usually add a pod or two from time to time, But even if you don’t … it will last you years.


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