Best Way To Store Vegetables In Fridge And Without Fridge

Best Way To Store Vegetables In Fridge And Without Fridge

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Best Way To Store Vegetables In Fridge And Without Fridge

Best Way To Store Vegetables In Fridge
Best Way To Store Vegetables In Fridge

This is the right way to keep fruits and vegetables fresh; fresh will remain for 26 weeks.

If you are also worried about the spoiling of fruits and vegetables, then definitely read this news. With the methods mentioned here, you can keep them fresh and nutritious for a long time.

Best Way To Store Vegetables In Fridge And Without Fridge

Source: India Eats

To reduce the ever-increasing inflation and expenses, it is often our endeavor that food and drink should be minimized. Especially fresh fruits and vegetables kept in the fridge. Often they get spoiled even when kept in the refrigerator for a long time, and we have to throw them away also if we don’t want to. Do you know that if they are stored at the right temperature, then they can remain fresh for 26 weeks? We tell you the right way to store which fruits and vegetables for a long time.

Have you ever eaten mangoes in the cold or must have eaten cabbage in summer. Means fresh fruits and vegetables of unmatched. Know the secret of these unmatched fruits and vegetables. They are stored at the right temperature and manner during their production season so that their availability remains throughout the year. Coldstorage’s Cospet is also similar. You can also store fruits and vegetables in your home for more than six months with the right information.

How to Manage The Fridge?

According to experts, there is a right way to store every fruit and vegetable. For example, beet can be stored in the best part of the fridge at a temperature of 0 ° C and kept fresh for 26 weeks. Similarly, broccoli, cauliflower, apricots, and cherries can be stored in the fridge for 0–2 ° C for a long time. Meaning such fruits and vegetables should be kept in the coldest part of the refrigerator, such as a drawer. Apart from this, asparagus and potatoes, etc. which can remain at a temperature of 5 ° C or higher, should be kept in the top rack in the refrigerator.

Similarly, you can keep apples, oranges, plums, oranges, etc. in the refrigerator with a fruit bowl. Onions, potatoes and garlic, etc. should also be kept in the fridge instead of being stored in common kitchen cabinets or shelves. With these methods, you can keep potatoes, carrots, ginger, lemon, lime, and beetroot fresh in the refrigerator for up to 26 weeks. Oranges can also be kept fresh in the fridge for 12 weeks.

Store them in the Storeroom or Garage

Fruits such as gooseberry and grapes should be stored outside the refrigerator at a temperature of 13 ° C. For these, closed kitchen cupboards and drawers are most suitable. Also, bananas, brinjals, and avocados should be stored at a temperature of 10 or less. For these, a different place than the average temperature of the house, such as a storeroom or garage, can be a great place.

25% of freshwater is spent on growing fruits and vegetables.

According to the Food Waste Charity Wrap, about half of the garbage released from home in the world is made up of food. Salon budgets for food thrown in UK homes are around 700 pounds. Thirteen billion pounds of food is wasted annually across the UK. According to the United Nations, 25 percent of freshwater is used periodically in the world to grow vegetables or fruits that are never eaten. The population of 2.3 billion people will increase by the year 2050, according to the current population rate of the world. These will require a 60-70 percent increase in global food production.

Storage Locations for Fruits and Vegetables including Storage Periods and Temperature.

Fruit VegetablesTemperature (° C)Storage periodStorage location
eggplant102 weekscold place
banana134 weekscold place
bitter gourd103 weekscold place
carrot026 weeksThe fridge
Green greens02 weeksThe fridge
Cucumber / Cucumber102 weekscold place
Garlic030 weeksThe fridge
Ginger1326 weekscold place
Mushroom02 weeksThe fridge
onion08 weeksThe fridge
Seasonal138 weekscold place
muskmelon74 weekscold place
Lemon1026 weekscold place
Mango133 weekscold place
ladyfinger102 weekscold place
papaya133 weekscold place
capsicum53 weeksThe fridge
Radish026 weeksThe fridge
Gourd3 weekscold place
pumpkin1318 weekscold place
Green onion03 weeksThe fridge
Cauliflower04 weeksThe fridge
tomatoes133 weekscold place
watermelon103 weekscold place
Roundness02 weeksThe fridge
sugar beets02 weeksThe fridge
Brokley02 weeksThe fridge
Cabbage05 weeksThe fridge
Cabbage04 weeksThe fridge

Best Way to Keep Vegetables Fresh Without Freez?

Best Way to Keep Vegetables Fresh Without Freez?
Best Way to Keep Vegetables Fresh Without Freez?

Here are some easy tips, through which you can keep vegetables fresh for a long time without a refrigerator.

You don’t have a fridge or where you live if there is a problem with electricity. The fridge in the house has broken, or you are staying away from the market and you have brought more vegetables, wondering who frequents the market, and so many vegetables are not going into the fridge. Or you live in a hostel or PG far from home, and you still haven’t bought a fridge. But every time you bring vegetables, you try not to spoil them and stay fresh for a long time and last longer. But his biggest problem is how to keep vegetables fresh for a long time without a fridge.

However, it’s not that if you don’t have a fridge, vegetables can’t stay fresh. You can also keep vegetables fresh naturally. It is very easy to keep vegetables fresh for a long time. Here are some easy tips, through which you can keep vegetables fresh for a long time without a refrigerator.

Ways to keep vegetables fresh without freezing:

  1. Always spread green vegetables and keep them a short distance away. This will keep the vegetables fresh for longer days. Also, do not put the vegetables one by one in the basket.
  2. To keep vegetables like cucumber, bell pepper, drumstick and brinjal fresh for a long time, wrap them in a damp cotton cloth. For more days, the pepper will remain fresh.
  3. Keep the potato raw with garlic to keep it fresh for a long time. This will not spoil the potatoes quickly.
  4. Put the dried mango in saltwater. This will keep the mango vaccine dry for more days.
  5. To keep the carrot fresh for a long time, cut off the top and store it in an airtight container. This will keep carrots fresh for several days.
  6. Always fry the curry leaves in oil. In this way, it can be kept for a week. But note that you keep it in the airtight compartment.
  7. To keep vegetables fresh, do not store them near gas or the sun.
  8. To keep the tomatoes fresh, put them in a plastic bag and make small holes in that bag.
  9. To keep vegetables like garlic, potatoes, and onions fresh for a long time, keep them in a cool place. To prevent garlic from getting out of the air well, hang it in a jute bag. This keeps the garlic fresh for more days. But never store potatoes with onions.
  10. To keep ginger fresh for a long time, if possible, keep it pressed to the ground and use it when necessary.
  11. To keep tamarind intact for a long time, add salt. This will retain the color and aroma of tamarind for a year.
  12. To keep the curd fresh, add two or three tablespoons of honey. This will keep the curd fresh even without a fridge.
  13. Keep the onion in a dark, dry, and cool place. Put the onion in a paper bag and make small holes in this bag. This will not spoil the onions for long. But don’t store the onion in a cool place, it will spoil it soon.

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