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Kit Kat And M&M Cake Recipe

Kit Kat And M&M Cake Recipe

Kit Kat And M&M Cake Recipe

Topic: Kit Kat And M&M Cake Recipe

Kit Kat And M&M Cake Recipe is a super easy and fun DIY birthday cake, so that looks absolutely gorgeous and is guaranteed to make an impression! Everything is made from scratch except the candies naturally.

The best part about creating a Kit Kat cake chocolate cake is that it is really easy, looks amazing, and needs no skills at all. Don’t believe me? Try making it, and you will see, no kidding!

And particularly if you’re frosting or icing challenged, such as me, I am not sure such a term actually exists, but you understand what I mean, correct? Then you have more reason to try this Kit Kat cake. I insist!


This effortless Kit Kat cake requires quite basic ingredients.

  1. Cake mix or the usual flour, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, etc. you require in order to create a cake from scratch
  2. Homemade or Store-bought chocolate frosting or any other frosting of your choice.
  3. Kit Kat bars and loads of m&m candies.

Wondering just how many kit kat bars for this cake are all needed? I have used about 39, to be exact, which was enough to cover my 8-inch, two-layered kit kat cake. You would need more or less determined by how large or small your cake is, even if it’s a two-tier kit kat cake, or a rectangular kit kat cake, etc.

Ensure that the height of this cake is less than the height of this kit kat bars.


This KitKat wrapped cake comes together in 3 simple steps.

Let’s discuss the cake base for a minute, shall we? I’ve employed my go-to chocolate cake recipe with this foundation, which is also known as crazy cake or wacky cake, or even Depression cake. I believe it’s the greatest, fuss-free chocolate cake, created with no dairy or eggs, none of which I have an issue with, but I simply love how decadent and moist that this cake turns out!

You simply need one bowl to make this amazingly delicious and moist chocolate cake, fewer things to clean Bonus!

Now that we’ve got our foundation sorted let’s move on to the frosting. You can use store-bought frosting if you desire, but if you take the problem of earning a cake from scratch, then I’d also recommend you attempt making a curry from scratch. It is so simple, and you’ll love the homemade stuff. I’ve already shared a comprehensive article on my favorite chocolate frosting, which you will find here.

This candy cake is basically a chocolate cake with a KitKat edge; it tastes much like a normal chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The Kit Kat’s and M&M’s certainly add an interesting feel. But I nearly got a sugar rush from finishing one slice. So, though I’ve given the serving size of 8 individuals, I believe that it is simple to increase it to 12 people.




This recipe will yield will about 2 cups of frosting; scale the recipe by 1.5 times to cover the entire 8-inch two-layer cake.


When the cake has completely cooled down, then scrape off the dome shape of the cake with the help of a long serrated knife to have a flat top. Also, transfer some cream to a piping bag and snip off the edge of the piping bag before beginning piping, then pipe out the layers in between. I do so, so the cream layer looks even all over. You will simply transfer the lotion with the help of a spatula if that is convenient for you.



People also ask:

How do I put Kitkat around a cake?

Frost a layered cake as you normally would: first one layer, then add the second and frost everything. Then glue the Kit Kat around the cake; they will just stick to the frosting. Then pour M & M’s on top. That’s!

How many Kit Kats do you need for a cake?

You will need about 3 family size kit kat bars to make this cake, plus maybe an extra one in case you need to ‘try’ or have a faulty kit kat finger.

Can you put M&Ms in a cake mix?

Absolutely. You will find that you also like the result. You can also add peanut butter shavings. put the M & M’s and peanut butter chips in the batter then top (after baking) with melted chocolate, cool then top with peanut butter or peanut butter frosting … would be delicious .

How much does a Kit Kat cake cost?

Pricing for a 1kg variant of the KitKat cake starts at INR 1199 only, Usually it depends upon baker.

How many M&Ms does it take to cover a cake?

As for the amount of M&M, I recommend having around 7 cups of M&M for an 8-inch layered cake (about 2.5 pounds), but if you go for a specific pattern / design, it’s hard to predict exactly how much of it. every color you will need.

What does Kit Kat stand for?

Kiss in time, kiss anytime. Internet »Emoticons. Evaluate: KITKAT. Kiss In Time Kiss Any Time.

What size is a Kit Kat?

The traditional bar has four fingers, each of which is approximately 0.4 inches (1 cm) by 3.5 inches (9 cm).

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