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How to clean stainless steel appliances with baking soda?

How to clean stainless steel appliances with baking soda?

How to clean stainless steel appliances with baking soda?

Topic: How to clean stainless steel appliances with baking soda?

Stainless steel is an iron alloy that contains more than 10 percent chromium. This metal is known for its strength and durability and is used in the manufacture of sinks, countertops, utensils, cookware, appliances, and much more. Chromium forms a hard oxide layer on the outside of stainless steel. This coating is strong but can wear away from metal wear, abuse, and corrosion, resulting in rust like any common steel.

To protect the chrome layer of stainless steel, you must be careful not to use abrasives when cleaning it. This can be challenging when things stick or burn on these items. Baking soda is an eco-friendly cleaner, which is non-toxic and gentle enough to use on stainless steel but powerful enough to remove the toughest dirt. It is available in stores at a reasonable price.


Step 1

Remove loose dirt or food from the area with soap and water.

Step 2

Spray the remaining dirt with warm vinegar until it is damp. Let the vinegar soak for three to five minutes (or longer for larger stains).

Step 3

Generously sprinkle the soiled area with baking soda. Rub with a sponge moistened with vinegar. The combination of baking soda and vinegar will create a foam caused by a non-toxic chemical reaction that will help dissolve dirt. This foam will not harm your skin.

Step 4

Rinse the sponge and add more baking soda as needed. Keep the area moist as you rub. Use circular motions, rubbing at various angles and applying moderate pressure to the sponge.

Step 5

Rinse the area well with warm water.

Step 6

Dry the area with a soft cloth. This step will help you avoid watermarks and rust.

Step 7

Add a light coat of mineral oil to stainless steel surfaces for a shine when you’re done.

People Also Asked:

Does baking soda damage stainless steel?

This is where baking soda comes in handy. Its powdery texture makes it a very gentle abrasive that should not scratch stainless steel.

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