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How To Prevent Bugs In Rice?

How To Prevent Bugs In Rice?

Topic: How To Prevent Bugs In Rice?

How To Prevent Bugs In Rice

I had got many queries regarding rice bugs and people were asking simple ways to get rid of rice bugs. The best method is prevention and you will know why it is important to prevent bugs not get rid of. As we always say “Prevention is better then cure”. read full article below on “How To Prevent Bugs In Rice“.

The rice bug is a tiny insect, which usually appears in the cereals that you keep in your pantry. Do you know which is one of his favorites? Rice.

The problem is that it contaminates not only this cereal but also other products that you keep in your kitchen, causing risks to your health and your family.

Therefore, if you found it in your pantry, you will most likely want to get rid of it as soon as possible to feed yourself safely. 

Is that your case? You can breathe easily because we will show you how to eliminate this insect simply and effectively. The way, discover it here. 

It happens that humidity, not cleaning frequently, having expired food, among other factors, cause the place where you keep your food and perishable food to become infested with insects and / or pests; To avoid the presence of insects in the cupboard, follow these tips:

What is the rice bug?

It is a type of bug that develops in the pantry and in the kitchen to look for food. Similar in appearance to that of a beetle, it usually feeds on cereal grains such as rice and some legumes, such as beans and beans.


The damage it causes 

This pest deteriorates the products you store in your pantry, especially those that it feeds on, such as rice and beans. 

The bug infests the seeds and makes holes that facilitate the entry of pests, viruses, or bacteria, which cause diseases. 

And that’s not all, since they also cause an economic loss by leaving your food unconsumable. Or at least that you do not want to occupy them after detecting their presence.

How to get rid of this insect? 

Eliminating this annoying pest from your pantry is possible. Just be sure to follow a few simple steps below. 

How To Prevent Bugs In Rice 7 steps to eliminate 


Especially rice and legumes, since they are the favorite foods of these insects. 


Eliminate all foods with weevils because a slight trace of them can cause the pest to increase quickly. 


These insects are not only located where the food is but also in corners where they can hide. Therefore, cover any narrow holes through which they can enter your kitchen. Look in the pantry, on shelves, and walls. 


Clean all traces of this pest by rubbing a cloth with hot water. Then, sanitize with a disinfectant product, following the instructions on the package. 

5. DRY 

Cleaning and disinfection are completed by drying the surfaces, something significant, to prevent moisture from attracting these insects again. 


If there are damp corners in your house, dry them. Otherwise, they can become a weevil nest.


Finally, store all your open food in glass containers to avoid the entry of these insects. 

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