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How To Make Thai Ice Tea?

How To Make Thai Ice Tea?

Topic: How To Make Thai Ice Tea

How To Make Thai Ice Tea

It is no surprise if there is a name for the menu “Thai Tea,” the classic Thai drink ranked among the tastiest beverages in the world. Items like this have to be brewed by themselves—definitely the taste.

Recently, celebrity news website CNN travel has polled the world’s 50 most delicious drinks to rank the world’s 50 most delicious beverages. The drink menu that Thai people love that we have been familiar with for a long time, such as   Thai Iced Tea,” has won the top 27, Khun Kha … A classic drink that we have been familiar with since our grandparents. No matter which alleyway you go to, Which region must meet. There are many shops. Well, our Thai tea is delicious, isn’t it? The unique identity is The aroma of tea powder. Some shops have different tips. Some use different brands of tea to mix. Enough to be brewed with hot water. Add a little sugar and add a little sweetened condensed milk.

Today, the jar dot com brings you friends to try making Thai tea, iced tea, easy-drinking tea at home because I believe that If you buy it yourself, many shops don’t taste your favor, come on, End those problems and let’s make iced tea and drink !! Proclaimed the power to the people of the world that How delicious is our Thai tea? Plus accompanying the brewing method of iced tea, brewing recipes for sale.

How To Make Thai Ice Tea – Hot Method

Weather in Thailand can be enjoyed in every season. Come to brew iced tea, cool off the heat, reduce body temperature a little. A classic is a favorite of both Thailand and overseas to tea Thailand (Thai Iced Tea) provides delicious recipes from you, Rin’s Cookbook brewed with fresh drinking. Add oiliness with sweetened condensed milk End with poured condensed milk, cold drink with ice, easy to brew in few steps. Finished and ready to drink.

Ingredients Thai iced tea (about 2 glasses)

    • 5 tablespoons of Thai tea powder

    • 2 1/2 cups of boiling water

    • 1/2 cup sugar

    • 3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk • condensed milk Unsalted (or half & half cream) for topping

    • Ice

Equipment needed

    • Tea filter bags

    • High heat resistant jug

How to make Thai iced tea

    1. Put Thai tea powder into the tea filter bag, supported by a high heat-resistant jug. Then pour hot water over the tea leaves. Shake the tea filter bags back and forth to let the tea leaves get into the water until all over, then let it rest for about 15 minutes.

    2. Put the sugar and condensed milk into the mixing glass

    3. Then lift it and pour the filtered Thai tea into the granulated sugar, stir until dissolved. Leave it for 5-10 minutes to cool down.

    4. Put ice into a glass. Pour the tea into about 3/4 of Thailand

    5. Pour the milk into a delicious

How To Make Thai Ice Tea – Brewed Tea

Ingredients Tea
• Tea Ceylon (Elephant Gold) 10 teaspoons
• Tea powder (par 555) 20 teaspoons
• Tea (Elephant Gold) 10 teaspoons
• Water 1,500 ml
• Sweetened condensed milk 1 1 /. 2 cans
• 20 teaspoons of evaporated milk • 20 teaspoons of
• 25 teaspoons of syrup.

How to make iced tea. Whip

1. Mix all 3 teas together
. Characteristics of the resulting tea powder are both fine powder and coarse tea stalks.
3. Measure 1,500 ml of water and bring it to a boil. Take the prepared tea powder into the tea strainer.
4. Pour hot water through a tea filter bag containing the tea powder. By placing the tea filter bag in a stainless steel cylinder (Which is intended for making tea But if anyone does not have a stainless cylinder Or for a beginner to brew, you can use the pots that are used in the house instead. It is another application)
Technique: Pour the tea back and forth approximately 12 times to make the tea powder in the filter bag moist. When pouring, tea bags must be picked up. (Hold the tea bag higher so that the tea powder is exposed to air. Tea smell and tea will come out better)
5. After pouring the tea alternately for 12 rounds, soak the tea for 5 minutes, then lift the tea filter bag. Squeeze the tea that sticks into the tea strainer. Squeeze out all the water.
6. add creamer to the tea set aside. Stir well. Add sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. Followed by syrup Stir the mixture well. Taste as you like.

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