How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door

How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door?


How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door?

How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door
How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door

Topic: How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door?

The refrigerator is in one of the busiest places in the house. This heavy traffic in the area can lead to dents and scratches on the doors, and these imperfections can affect the appearance of your device. If you act quickly, you can fix these defects using things you have around your house. Read full article on How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door? below:

How To Fix Dent In Refrigerator Door?

Temperature differences
Creating a sudden change in temperature is often enough to erase small dents and scratches on refrigerators and other appliances. Start by plugging a hair dryer into the outlet closest to the dented part. Turn on the dryer by setting the heat to maximum and directing the jet of air towards the refrigerator panel, heating it to maximum. Once the dented area is hot, take a can of compressed air and hold it about six inches from the surface. Mist the area for about 30 seconds or until you see the bump disappear.

Shock suction
If your refrigerator door is nicked, you can use the same type of vacuum tool that is used in cars. Be careful when applying the coverslip to the door as it may scratch or damage the surface. Once the suction cup is firmly in place, pull it lightly, applying just enough pressure to loosen the hump and make it level with the surface. If the lump doesn’t heal right away, increase the pressure slightly until you can remove it.

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Dry ice
You can fix a lump in your refrigerator using just dry ice. Dry ice is widely available in stores and on the Internet, costing only a few dollars a pound (at the time of this writing). The downside is that you will have to wear gloves to protect your hands from the extreme cold of dry ice. To remove the bump, simply hold a piece of dry ice against the refrigerator door for a few seconds at a time, then remove it. It is better to wrap a piece in suede fabric to protect the surface from scratches. Circular movements carry out site processing for a minute, after which the rag is removed with dry ice. Repeat the process until the bump is no longer visible.

Check the surface often
Regardless of the method you use to remove dents from your refrigerator door, you will always get better results if the damage is minimal. Once the bumps increase in size, they can be extremely difficult to remove or hide properly. At this point, your only option may be to replace the door panel. Keep an eye on your refrigerator doors for changes, scratches, or dents so you can always keep it looking new.

Rubber trowel and hammer against a dent in the refrigerator

Important! It is strictly forbidden to perform a mechanical impact on the damaged surface of the refrigerator with an ordinary hammer. Violation of the paint will no longer allow you to qualitatively repair the defect yourself.

Therefore, to straighten, you will need a trowel and a rubber hammer. Having no experience in carrying out such work, it is better to prefer other methods. First it is necessary to clean the surface. Also, the perimeter of the dent is heated with a hair dryer, after which the place of the defect is completely blocked with a trowel. Light blows to the trowel will give a resonance effect, as a result of which the dent should straighten out.

Correct a defect with compressed air

If at home there is a can of compressed air to clean the computer and accessories from dust, then you can use it to repair the damage. When turning the can over, you need to spray a small amount of the substance. With this method, cold condensate forms, which cools the metal surface to compression temperatures. If the surface does not return to its original state, it makes sense to repeat the procedure several more times.

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