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Recipe For Lemon Torte Dessert

Recipe For Lemon Torte Dessert

Recipe For Lemon Torte Dessert

Our classic cake for today is this recipe for lemon torte dessertThe mixture of cheese and lemon makes it irresistible. The cake is made with very simple but delicious ingredients at any time—an ideal cake with a very refreshing taste. And of course very easy to do. If you like the lemon flavor and want to make a cake as a gift or spend an afternoon in a company with a coffee or tea, this is your ideal cake, easy and very rich.

It’s a very simple lemon cake. We can make a very good cake that will be perfect for you with some cookies that we use for breakfast, cream, cream cheese, sugar, and lemon jelly envelopes; and This lemon cake always comes out the first time; that is why it is one of the cold cakes that are most elaborated in alazharfoodie.

You, the readers of alazharfoodie, have chosen this cold lemon cake in many special events to enjoy its unique flavor. It does not have to use an oven; it is a very easy and fast cake to make, like all the cold cakes that we make in alazharfoodie. Like our famous cold cheesecake recipe which is made in an easy, fast, and very inexpensive way.

Recipe For Lemon Torte Dessert

This dessert is an ideal cake for those who enter the confectionery world; it is a very easy cake to make. 

As I already said, it is a cake that will not be necessary to bake to prepare it. It is within our category of cold desserts or desserts without an oven. When the weather is good, making a cake without using an oven is appreciated. Take a look at the cold cakes category for if you like any other. Now, if you like, read on to see the ingredients and the step-by-step recipe.

Variations of this lemon cake can be made just by changing the flavor of the gelatin. You can find them in the market in many flavors and different brands. The truth is that I have no preference for any specific brand. We have made this cake at home many times and not always with the same brand of gelatin. The truth is that we have not noticed any notable changes or difficulties.

You don’t call gelatin for the readers of Latin American countries; you know it as gelatin.

We are very lucky to have many readers from Latin American countries such as Chile, Argentina, or Mexico. And others, I am not going to name all of them because there are many; I apologize. You have told me many times that gelatin or gelatin does not fall apart, and you are left with lumps. Let’s see the procedure; it is very simple:


For approximately 8/10 people.


We will use a removable mold with a diameter of 20 cm.

Pyrex Classic Metal-Molde desmontable, 20 cm

It is a mold that holds up to 230º, can be washed in the dishwasher, and has a great quality/price ratio, I bought it for about € 12, but now it is around € 9, very well priced. There is also a 26 cm size.

It is a high-quality mold; if you have read any of my recipes, you will see that I always recommend using quality utensils, especially if we will use them a lot. This one from Amazon I bought a long time ago, and it looks great even after using it a lot.

In this lemon cake recipe, we will not use the oven, but it is not necessary to have a mold for each recipe. I use this for almost all the cakes or pastries that I make. It seems to me the ideal size for pastries, even for the base of cakes, sponge cakes, etc. Essentially what differentiates this type of mold is that it is very easy to unmold. Pulling a metal tab uncouples the walls of the mold.

How To Make Recipe For Lemon Torte Dessert


1 . First, the cookies must be chopped with the food processor until they are almost powder. If you don’t have a food processor, you can do it by hand in a mortar. Mix the cookies with the melted butter to form a dough for the cake base. Place the dough on the base of the mold and cover the entire surface evenly. If necessary, we will help ourselves with a silicone spatula or a spoon to crush the dough well. Leave the dough already placed in the mold to rest and put in the refrigerator until use.

2 . In a bowl, mix the cream with the cream cheese, milk, and sugar. Beat all the ingredients well until they are integrated.

3 . Heat 200 ml of water to dissolve the lemon jelly. Let cool a little and add to the previous mixture. Stir the mixture well so that all the ingredients are integrated. Pour the mixture over the biscuit base that we had reserved in the refrigerator and let it cool for at least 3 hours until it sets and is solid. After this time, feel around from time to time until checking that it has been sufficiently solid. This step is because each refrigerator has a different cooling power, and all the times in the recipe are approximate.

As you can see, it is a refreshing, super easy and fast recipe. With few ingredients and made in a very short time. What else can you ask for from a pastry recipe? With this cake we have a great dessert that comes in handy after dinner or as an accompaniment to coffee or tea.

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