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How To Make Bread Sandwich With Vegetable At Home

How To Make Bread Sandwich With Vegetable At Home

How To Make Bread Sandwich With Vegetable At Home

Topic: How To Make Bread Sandwich With Vegetable At Home

Veggie Sandwich Recipe: BREAKFAST or a simple veggie mix for dinner under 15 minutes. This wedge sandwich is very tasty, healthy, and lacks sauce, chutney, or cheese. Most sandwich recipes call for some or other sauces, spreads, or cheese. I don’t stock up on bottled sauces or spreads because most of these come with lots of creepy ingredients and additives to extend shelf life.


This veggie sandwich recipe is made without a grill, toaster, or oven. It is made in the simplest way in just a pan / griddle or grill. I have not used chutney or green chutney. So it’s also good to make a busy work morning for breakfast, as it only requires a few ingredients that we mostly keep in the pantry.


I have used carrots, onions, corn, beans, and bell peppers. You can also use some boiled potatoes, sliced or grated cheese. Tomatoes are used to bind vegetables, the mixture can dry out if left. To pack the vegetables, you need to use cheese or grill it in a sandwich maker.


Step by Step Guide to make the vegetable sandwich recipe

  1. Grease the bread with ghee or ghee and cook until golden on one side and golden on the other. When roasting, finely chop or slice.


  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan, fry until the cumin seeds crisp. Add the garlic and sauté until it smells good. It had no garlic so I used garlic ginger paste.


  1. Add diced, crushed, or pureed tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt and mix.


  1. Cover and cook over medium heat until completely soft and beige.


  1. Now you can add the chili powder and fry it for a minute. Since I used green chili in the next step, I didn’t use it.


  1. Add vegetables. Fry over medium to high heat until partially cooked. I don’t cover or cook because my food cooks fast. If your carrot is not tender, you may need to cover and cook. Gives a smoky flavor over high heat.


  1. Add pav bhaji masala or garam masala and coriander leaves. Pav Bhaji Masala works great for this, if you don’t have it you can use Kitchen King Masala or Garam Masala like me. Adjust the salt and make sure the vegetables are at least partially cooked.


  1. Place the toasted slices and transfer the vegetables over them. If you want to eat cheese, sprinkle it.


  1. Place another piece of bread. Press gently. If using cheese, toast it over low heat until the cheese is melted. Alternatively, you can also grill in a sandwich maker.


  1. Serve the hot wedge sandwich.


Tips for making a veggie sandwich recipe

  1. You can use any Quick-Cook Mix vegetable of your choice. This wedge sandwich can also be made with individual veggies like carrots, bell peppers, or sweet corn. You can also use pre-cut mixed greens from the frozen section.
  2. Feel free to use whatever cheese you like to make cheese and veggie sandwiches. Sometimes I use mozzarella cheese or saddlebags.
  3. If available you can use any CHUTNEY like this GREEN CHUTNEY. Just spread it on the bread and then add the whole veggies.
  4. For healthy options, make a wedge sandwich with whole wheat or whole wheat bread.
  5. You can also prepare it in a sandwich toaster.


The easy veggie sandwich made on the stove in a skillet. This wedge sandwich recipe is very quick to make even for a beginner as it only requires basic ingredients. These veggie snacks can be enjoyed for breakfast or breakfast.

Ingredients for bread sandwich with vegetable


Preparation of the vegetable sandwich recipe

  1. Add oil to the pan, add the cumin seeds and whisk. Suck on the garlic until it smells good.
  2. Then add the tomatoes and sprinkle with salt. Cover and cook until soft and pulpy. If you use red chili powder, add it now and fry for a minute.
  3. Add the vegetables and cook over medium high heat until they taste just right. You can cook it until it becomes soft.
  4. After this, add the spice powder and coriander leaves. Stir and stir for a minute. Add more salt if ecessary. Put it aside.


How to make bread sandwich with vegetable at home

  1. To grill on the stovetop: smooth the butter on top of the bread slices and toast until golden brown on the outside and crisp on the inside. Transfer the prepared vegetables. Add cheese in this step if you like.
  2. Cover with another slice of bread and press. If using cottage cheese, reduce heat to low and heat until cottage cheese is melted. Press the bread with a wooden spoon. This helps the bread stick to the filling. You can also grill it in a sandwich maker
  3. To grill a wedge sandwich in the toaster: butter on the outside slices of bread. Spread the vegetable mixture inside and top with another slice. Roast in a sandwich toaster until golden.
  4. Serve the hot wedge sandwich.

People also ask:

How do you make sandwiches?

Spread mayonnaise, butter, or cream cheese on the sides of each slice of bread to create a seal against the moist sandwich filling. Also, try to pack high moisture content separately, such as tomatoes, pickles, and cucumbers. When you’re ready to eat, just add them to the sandwich. Toasting bread can also help.


What are the five steps to making a sandwich?

Step 1: Essential things like bread, ham or chicken or veggies as require.

Step 2: Toast the bread. The first step is to toast the bread.

Step 3: Fill in with Veggies or Chicken or Ham with stuff.

Step 4: Assemble.

Step 5: Toast the sandwich.

Step 6: Add spices and enjoy

Is a homemade sandwich healthy?

A healthy sandwich is a lunchtime favorite for several good reasons: It’s easy to pack, inexpensive to make, and perfect for complex carbohydrates, good-for-you fats, fiber-packed veggies, and lean protein.


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