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Fudge Recipe Condensed Milk Microwave

Fudge Recipe Condensed Milk Microwave

Topic: Fudge Recipe Condensed Milk Microwave

Fudge Recipe Condensed Milk Microwave

If you have been searching for an easy microwave fudge recipe then, stop. You’ve come to the right spot! You can combine only4 ingredients, and taking only 10 minutes; you will please the entire family with this batch of easy condensed milk fudge. The cherry on top? You don’t need a candy thermometer.

If you grew up with small plastic bags filled with traditional fudge, then I can help you get your childhood memories back. Think school bazaars and fundraising fudge. All of these were created using easy old-fashioned fudge recipes transmitted from generation to generation.

If you grew up South African, the Outydse Soetkoekie and Traditional South African Koeksisters recipes might also bring back fond memories. Here are 10 other South African recipes that you might want to try again.


When it came to making fudge, I thought I was lost. As a young girl, I can recall trying different fudge recipes. While some fudge recipes don’t set, others crystallize; I don’t remember ever having one batch of success. I was determined to make fudge again.

After much research and reading, I discovered that making microwave fudge was not difficult. It was common for people to make homemade fudge to raise funds; it is possible.

After you have mastered the basics of fudge making, experiment with different flavors and other additions. These are some ideas to get you started.

Fudge Recipe Condensed Milk Microwave

Add after the first two minutes:

One teaspoon of peppermint or caramel essence instead of vanilla essence.

Add just before pouring into baking tin to set:


According to AZF Can it go wrong? fudge, like many confections and candies, can go wrong. It is hard to predict how long fudge will last because there are so many production methods and recipes.

Fudge made from scratch will have a shorter shelf-life than fudge purchased in a store. Fudge’s high sugar and fat content can be used as a preservative to make it last longer than brownies and similar baked goods.
Fudge can be kept at room temperature in an airtight container for up to two weeks. Fudge that has been refrigerated can be extended to last for two to three more weeks. If tightly sealed, freezing fudge can extend its shelf life by three months.


Fudge should always be kept in an airtight container. This will prevent it from drying out and excess moisture. You should keep your fudge at room temperature. This will stop it from drying out faster.

You should seal your fudge in an airtight container even if you have refrigerated it. This will keep your fudge moist and protect it from absorbing other flavors.

Fudge freezes very well. But don’t freeze it once it has thawed. Instead, let it cool in the refrigerator for at least a week. It is best to thaw it in the refrigerator overnight. Wrap fudge tightly in wax paper, then wrap it in plastic wrap and place in an airtight container. It is best to freeze it in large blocks as it will dry more quickly if it is cut into smaller pieces.


Fudge is unlikely to mold or rot. The texture and taste of fudge will begin to change as it ages. The fudge will become drier the older it is. You should throw out any fudge with large cracks or deep crevices.
Fudge that is exposed to too much moisture can spoil more quickly. You may find it mushy and soggy. We don’t recommend eating it if you see any liquid separation.
If the fudge is hardened and has an oily sheen, you should throw it away. This will result in a bitter taste.


Line a baking sheet with baking paper to make a dish approximately 22×22 cm in size. If you don’t have baking paper, spray it. It is easier to lift the fudge from the oven after it has set if it is poured onto baking paper.
In a large bowl, combine the condensed milk, castor sugar, and margarine. You can risk boiling it if the bowl is too big.
Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes. Mix well.


Put back in the microwave oven. Cook for another 10 minutes, stopping every few seconds to stir. I had to stop about every 60 seconds. It is important to spend 10 minutes watching the fudge cook in the microwave. You need to slow down and stir it before it boils over.

After you’ve done 10 minutes, your mixture should have a light-to-dark caramel color. Mix the essence into the mixture and stir it until it thickens. Place the mixture in a bowl and allow it to cool. Let it cool for 20-30 minutes before cutting.

Fudge Recipe Condensed Milk Microwave

People also ask:

How do you fix fudge in the microwave?

Line A 9 “Pan with 9” with sheet and spraying with anti-adverse kitchen spray. Place chocolate chips in a secure microwave bowl. Pour sweet condensed milk into chocolate chips. Microwave in height for 60 seconds.

Why is my microwave fudge like toffee?

Sugars have probably crystallized, a common mistake when making sweets like Fudge or Caramel. If the fusion sugar splashes on the sides of the pan, it becomes crystals and causes the entry of Fudge. To avoid this problem, turn the pan instead of waving it with a spoon.

How do you harden condensed milk for fudge?

Old Funs do not use marshmallows or condensed milk to help them achieve and solidify, so they are harder to prepare. To harden the fudge too soft, it should be heated and re-emitted the FUDGE to obtain it with the correct consistency.

Why did my fudge not set?

In many cases, the mixture of sugar, butter and milk had to be flying longer or at a hotter temperature. Usually, it is the culprit when Fudge does not arrange. You can try to heat your Fudge mix by adding a little more evaporated milk and slowly boiling.

Can I bake fudge that didn’t set?

Bring the FUDGE at the boiling temperature (212 F). Cook back to the recipe temperature, then remove it from the heat. Repeat the steps to cool the FUDGE and beat it until you have lost its shine.

Why did my fudge turn out like caramel?

So, why has my Fudge demonstrated more than candy? Fudge is often turned on on a chewable caramel texture because incorrect temperatures have been reached. The ideal temperature for the fudge for cooking is 232-234 ° F (111-112 ° C). Something more or less will change the texture completely.

What is the secret to making fudge?

The trick on a good homemade fudge is to cook the ingredients at the right temperature to form a sugar syrup and cool the mixture properly so that the texture of the Fudge is soft and firm, but sweet enough to cut. Here is how to make Fudge on your track and in your microwave.

Why is my homemade fudge too soft?

If there is too much evaporation, when the cooking time is too long, there will be no enough water in the Fudge and it will be too difficult. Conversely, if the cooking time is too short and there is not enough evaporation, it will stay too much water and the fudge will be too sweet.

How long should you beat fudge?

Using a wooden spoon, hit the Fudge vigorously until it thickens and begins to lose its brilliance. This can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. While flying in your hand is the traditional method, you can use an electric mixer if you have one. Install the mixer with assembly of the palette and turn it on the holder.

Should you refrigerate fudge after making?

Do not refrigerate your fudge! It will dry faster and can possibly pick it up other fragrances from the interior of the refrigerator (and nobody wants to eat chocolate-rambous-calchini-cazo!)

Why did my fudge turn into toffee?

If it boils the FUDGE at a temperature below 232 F, its FUDGE will retain additional humidity, which can make it rotated or in extreme cases, prevent it from attaching it. If the temperature goes beyond 234 F, the final texture of the Fudge will be hard, dry and friable.

How can I make fudge set faster?

Harde the FUDGE: Place your container or boxes in the refrigerator for two hours or in the freezer, if you wish faster. Once you harden, turn off the FUDGE to 12 pieces or remove it from the Muffin boxes. Stay in the refrigerator or freezer (if you do not devote it immediately).

What happens if you don’t beat fudge?

Remember that the rhythm does not harden the FUDGE (this happens during cooling); The rhythm begins the crystallization process. If this happens along the mixture at the same time, the small desirable crystals will be formed. One of the most difficult steps in the manufacture of Fudge is knowing when to stop beating.

How do I know if my fudge is ready?

You know you’re ready when a small amount of mix fell into a glass of cold water on a soft bullet that can lift with a teaspoon and pinch between your fingers. Turn off the heat and continue stirring for 5 minutes or until the mixture begins to thicken a bit.

How do you fix overcooked fudge?

Fudge generally behaves in this way when it is not cooked at a sufficiently high temperature (due to monitoring or one. Scratch the FUDGE in a large saucepan and add 1 1/2 cups of water. Mix the fudge over low heat until it dissolves . Taste the mixture because the water has probably diluted the flavor.

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