When Your Fridge Won't Close - What Should I Do?

When Your Fridge Won’t Close – What Should I Do?


When Your Fridge Won’t Close – What Should I Do?

When Your Fridge Won't Close - What Should I Do?

Topic: When Your Fridge Won’t Close – What Should I Do?

I need to understand “how to repair refrigerator door not closing issues”. First, get your three-year-old out from in front of it, so you can actually close it yes the kids aren’t in out of it buddy is not in front of it that much I attempt to close it but it doesn’t seem to shut all the way have your kids been literally hanging off the fridge door?

The hinge could be bent “what else am i able to check”? look at the seal if it is warped or uneven the door may not close all the way I think, the last time I checked it I was cleaning it for mould if you have condensation around the door seal that suggests that it is leaking cold air out and causing water to condense around the seal the door seems to have a solid seal.

If it’s wet and hyped up or letting the air out at some parts and becoming uneven the door won’t shut well I don’t think the seal is the problem then you better hope you are doing not have one among those fridges whose light bulbs got so hot that it melted and warped the interior shell of the fridge in a few extreme cases the fridges caught on fire and ice should be.

A George RR martin book, not the drama in my kitchen “how can i fix the issue”? whatever it may check the fridge hinges if you are lucky it is solved by tightening the fridge door hinge, where it holds up the door or where it connects to the body of the fridge and if I’m not lucky the seal is easy to take care of especially if the problem is a dried glob of barbecue sauce on the side of the door replacing the fridge door seal is quite straightforward.

And I said I do not think it is a seal if the door won’t close because the interior plastic shell has warped you have to get a new fridge shell if the door is bent or warped thank the youngsters for enjoying bumper cars with the fridge that much and hire a mechanic to bang it back to just about straight I thought you’d say an appliance repairman if the metal door is that bent you have to treat it more like a car door than an appliance store except for the icemaker and Control Board in it okay so do not abuse as much as your card or in some rare cases you may have ice crystals seeping into the fridge door insulation and puffing it up altering its fit the mould growing in there right next to my food may be a source of nightmares wait until you see the repair bill for it.

The most important non-mechanical part of your refrigerator is the door seal. If your refrigerator is not sealed, all the hard work done by the compressor means nothing. It doesn’t matter how much cold air is in your refrigerator if it seeps into your kitchen. When your refrigerator door is not closed, you should resolve this issue as soon as possible to avoid bloated electricity bills and / or faulty food. To help you with this problem, we’ve compiled the most common reasons why your refrigerator door won’t stay closed.

This may seem obvious, but 9 times out of 10, the reason your refrigerator door is closed is something as simple as an overpacked refrigerator. Maybe you have a 12-pack soda that sticks out just half an inch. You feel a little resistance when you close the door, but you check it and it seems closed. However, she then returns to find the door open. It is a universal experience caused by a small amount of constant pressure. For example, large plastic bottles (i.e. milk) can be compressed when you close the door, but then expand when you rest.

Do your best to make sure that your refrigerator door (and the items stored there) do not push against anything in the main refrigerator area. On the precautionary side, and if you feel any resistance when closing the door, carefully check what may be causing it.


Check to see if your refrigerator door looks level. If necessary, use a scale. Having too much weight on your refrigerator door can cause the door to hang at an angle over time. This can prevent the door from closing, staying closed, or holding cold air.

Remove heavy items from refrigerator doors. Inspect the bolts and hinges for signs of wear. If the hinges appear bent, replace them. There are also plastic spacers and hinge pins that can prevent the door from closing properly if they are broken or deformed. Look carefully at the hinges when opening or closing these areas for signs of obstruction or irregular movement. If the screws are loose, a simple tightening can correct the problem.

When Your Fridge Won’t Close – What Should I Do?

Check the door gasket or seal. If the seal is broken, loose, or bent, it must be replaced. If it is dirty, clean the seal with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Do not use bleach as it will damage the plastic.

Test the integrity of your seal by closing the door of a dollar bill. The board must form a strong control over the dollar, making it difficult to extract. If the gasket looks good but is not forming a tight grip, the gasket may demagnetize and require replacement.


Part of the problem may simply be a poor balance. Coolers are designed for a perfect/perfect balance, but the front should be slightly higher than the rear. If the front is lower or higher than the rear of the unit, it may leak and open the door. When properly aligned, gravity will never contribute a little to closing the door and keeping it closed.

When levelling back, stack the three quarters behind the machine and adjust the level above them. This will fully offset the front / rear balance.

Check it when the refrigerator side door is not closed

When your side refrigerator door closes, replace the frustration with strategic tips and tricks to fix the problem. Keeping the doors closed is critical to maintaining the proper refrigerator temperature. See the list of what to do when your refrigerator door is not closed.

Side by side the refrigerator door closed? I hate it. The good news is that some simple investigations can solve the problem.

Is there something blocking the refrigerator door?

Yes It’s easy to ignore it out of frustration, but when your refrigerator door doesn’t close on its own, it often happens because a drawer doesn’t close completely or an item on the shelf needs to be adjusted.

If your side-by-side refrigerator door is not closed, check the items in the refrigerator to make sure everything is completely flat and out of the way of the door. Replace anything that breaks against the door and prevent it from closing completely.

Is the gasket on the refrigerator door damaged?

The refrigerator door still won’t close? This can be a door seal. The door gasket provides a tight seal around the refrigerator door to keep cold air out and block out ambient air. When this seal becomes old and corroded or otherwise corroded, it may not seal enough to keep the door closed properly.

Try the dollar bill test to check your door gasket:

  • receipt of dollars on the door frame
  • Closed-door with the bill sticking out
  • Try to take out the dollar bill
  • If the note slips, the seal on the door seal is too weak
  • Replace the gasket if necessary

Is the refrigerator body wrong?

The actual body of the refrigerator has legs on the bottom that are designed to accommodate and secure the refrigerator. He doesn’t know you’re not alone

Misalignment of the refrigerator will adversely affect its performance and prevent doors from opening and closing that way, especially over time.

Go up a level and place it on the refrigerator, not on the door, but on the body of the refrigerator. If the bubble is not centred on the level, adjust the refrigerator legs until the bubble is centred.

Is there something wrong with the refrigerator door?

Even when your refrigerator has been carefully levelled, the door hinges can fail over time. To determine if your side is near the side refrigerator, open the door and place the level above the door. If the bubble is not centred, the door is likely hinged.

The door hinges are a little difficult to read or replace; Not a DIY beginner’s job at all. If you have a reasonable amount of hands, take a competent assistant and give it a spin.

If your side-by-side refrigerator door isn’t closed, but DIY projects aren’t your thing, Dave Smith Appliances Services should take care of refrigerator service – our professionals are equipped to handle both big and small.

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