What Are Some Foods That Start With E?

What Are Some Foods That Start With E?


What Are Some Foods That Start With E?

What Are Some Foods That Start With E?
What Are Some Foods That Start With E?

You might be surprised to find that there are many foods that start with E. In fact, we’ve found 30 foods that have E, and we’ve got them all here. From eggs to edamame and everything in between, we’ve got 30 different foods that start with E to try. Check out our list and see which foods that start with the letter E catch your eye. Try one or try them all! Let us begin.

Topic: Foods That Start With E

English walnut

English walnuts have a thin shell with a rich kernel in the center. They are intensively cultivated throughout Europe. An English walnut must be planted and grown in a garden because trees do not grow naturally in nature. Some shelled nuts make a great snack because they are full of healthy fats that will fill you up.


Emmenthaler is a semi-hard cheese from Switzerland. It has a lot of holes that make the cheese look a lot like regular Swiss cheese. The cheese is also known as Emmental and has a smooth, buttery flavor.

English sole

The English sole is a flatfish that lives on the ocean floor near the shore. The fish has a very mild flavor and a flaky texture. It is delicious breaded and fried or steamed in a white wine sauce.

Elephant ears

Elephant ears are actually a sweet, buttery dough. To make elephant ears, the puff pastry is buttered and then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The dough is rolled into two spirals that later look like big ears. The ears can be made smaller and served as bite-sized cookies.

Egg salad

Egg salad is creamy, flavorful, and pretty easy to make. Most recipes mix mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, salt, pepper, and chives. Serve the salad on bread or enjoy it on its own. This salad is a staple during summer picnics and outdoor barbecues. Slice up some watermelon and pour a glass of cold lemonade to accompany this delicious dish.

Elbow Macaroni

Elbow macaroni get their name from the curved shape of the pasta that resembles an elbow. It is often used to make mac n cheese or served in soup. Pour the dried pasta into a large pot of boiling water to cook it to perfection. Macaroni is a very easy meal to prepare!


Edam cheese originates from the Netherlands and is named after the city where it was created. Edam cheese has a soft yellow interior and a red wax exterior. The cheese does not spoil, but it does get firmer as it ages. The taste is very mild and pairs well with strong fruity flavors. Keep this in mind when cutting up your Edam to serve on a cheese board.


Edamame is actually an immature soybean. Bright green beans are usually steamed and seasoned with salt, then served hot. Use your teeth to scoop the bean out of the shell and enjoy the healthy, tender vegetable. Dip them in soy sauce or wasabi for a traditional Japanese version of the vegetable.

English muffin

English muffins are flat, circular, yeast-like muffins known for their nooks and crannies, perfect for absorbing butter. This type of muffin is usually a breakfast food and can be served with a flavorful topping like this vegan cream cheese. The muffin itself is a semisweet bread that often has raisins, cinnamon, or even blueberries mixed into the batter.

Egg Fruit

Egg fruit begins with the letter E, but is more commonly known as canistel. The egg tastes similar to egg yolk and also has the same bright orange color. The egg can be cooked or eaten raw and its crumbly texture is great when sprinkled on a salad. It is also perfect to mix into a smoothie to add nutritional value. There are so many ways to use this lesser known e-food!


Ecrevisse are small lobster-like crustaceans found in fresh water. They are generally known as crayfish or crayfish. To prepare these small E foods, they must be steamed or boiled. The meat is then removed from the shell and enjoyed hot. A little Cajun seasoning or just a little salt and pepper will enhance the flavor even more.


Enchiladas are next on our list of foods that start with E. Enchiladas are a classic Mexican dish that includes flour or corn tortillas stuffed with seasoned meat. A red or green tomato sauce is poured over the tortillas, sprinkled with cheese, and baked in the oven. Choose from chicken, beef, or vegetable enchiladas. They are all delicious!


Eggplant is a beautiful purple vegetable that is quite easy to grow in your garden. The outside of the vegetable may be tough, but the inside is soft and fluffy. Eggplant is often used in Italian cuisine and is served with tomato sauce, grated cheese, and fresh basil. Fry a few slices of breaded aubergine for a tasty snack.

Egg roll

An egg roll is perfect for our foods that start with List E. This classic Chinese meal has a crispy shell filled with thinly sliced meats and vegetables. Pork eggs are the most common, but you can easily find vegetarian egg rolls in almost any Chinese restaurant. While this E food is generally fried, you can also go for a healthier baked version.


Eel is actually a very delicious food on our E letter list. Long, lean fish is amazing when prepared correctly. Try serving your cooked eel with a garnish of wasabi and soy sauce. It is also used inside sushi. Be sure to find some good eel recipes, as fish can be a bit slimy when undercooked.


Enset is a member of the banana family and is often referred to as a false banana. Enset is very drought tolerant and grows naturally in Ethiopia and other countries in equatorial Africa. Enset is used primarily as a starch, and the stems of the plant are eaten rather than the fruit.

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Emu Apple

Emu apples are very small blueberry-like fruits and are perfect foods that start with E. They are a bit more exotic than a regular apple and are mainly found in Australia. They have a bit of heat and are better when used in savory foods than in desserts.

Egg soup

Egg soup is a very common Chinese soup and our next food starts with E. It is made by whisking raw eggs into hot chicken broth. The eggs are cooked in the broth creating a cloudy and tasty dish.


Escargot is a classic French dish made with land snails. The snails are baked with butter, wine, and seasonings. Land snails are often served as an aperitif and are considered a delicacy. The snail is cooked and presented in the shell, but a small fork immediately throws the tender meat away.


Espresso is a strong coffee drink and the next food on our letter E food list. Ground coffee beans are compacted and then hot water is squeezed through the ground beans. The result is a high-caffeine beverage that can be sipped as a shot or mixed with a latte, cappuccino, or Americano. Espresso is often served after meals as an evening stimulant.


Eggs are a commonly eaten food around the world. The most common type of egg comes from chickens, but duck, turkey and chicken eggs are also often eaten. An egg is naturally rich in protein and is considered a very healthy food.

Earth Nut

The ground walnut is more often known as peanuts. Peanut plants flourish above ground, but the underground peanut vine is where you will find edible nuts. That is why they are called ground nuts because they grow on the ground! The pod of the plant is where the walnut grows. Open the dried pod and remove all the peanuts inside. Most of the shells contain two nuts.


Endive is the next of our E foods. Endive is a green leaf that is quite bitter when eaten raw. Sauté the chicory with a little garlic and extra virgin olive oil and it becomes a tender and delicious vegetable. Once steamed, chicory can also be chilled and served in a salad with fresh tomatoes, chickpeas, and soft cheese.

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Egg noodles

Egg noodles are an easy dish to make and, of course, a food with the letter E! Egg noodles are made by rolling out unleavened dough, cutting it into strips, and then boiling the long noodles. You can find egg noodles alongside dry pasta in most grocery stores. Noodles are great in soups or used in your favorite pasta recipes. Toss cooked noodles in butter and add a little Parmesan for a simple dish.


Eggnog is a wonderful, rich and flavorful Christmas drink. Eggnog is prepared by cooking the eggs and sugar together and then incorporating them into the heavy cream. Nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice are added to the drink to give it that signature flavor. Add some rum to eggnog for a grown-up version of the drink.


Elderberries are small, dark-colored berries that are known for their health benefits. These spicy berries have been used throughout history as medicine, helping to cure colds and boost the immune system. The berries have recently gained popularity and are sold in many stores along with vitamin C.

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk has many uses in the culinary world, especially in baking. Sweetened condensed milk has a pleasant flavor and a pleasant caramel color. It can be mixed with fillings of bread, pastries and sweet cream. Many foods contain evaporated milk, and a can is always good to have on hand. Canned milk has a long shelf life, so it will stay fresh in your pantry for quite some time.


Eclairs are next in our foods starting with List E. This rich and decadent pastry is a French classic. A yeast dough called paté à choux is cooked and then filled with pastry cream. The batter is dipped in melted chocolate ganache and served cold. One quick bite and you will fall in love!

Eggo Waffles

Eggo waffles are one of the easiest and most convenient foods that start with E. You can find them right in the freezer section of your grocery store! To make an egg waffle, simply pop it in the microwave or toaster oven to warm it up. Serve your waffle with maple syrup, fresh fruit, or whipped cream. No recipe is needed to make this quick breakfast.


Empanadas are a flaky dough filled with a variety of toppings and fries until a crisp golden brown. Chicken, pork, cheese, or vegetables are the most common toppings. Empanadas can be made with yeast dough or plain flour, water, baking soda, and salt dough. Both versions will taste great and have an authentic Mexican twist.

Isn’t it surprising how many foods that start with e? It can be difficult to decide which types of e-foods to try first. We recommend that you try all the foods that start with E and then tell us which ones you prefer. Will you be a fan of elderberries or will there be more snails in your driveway? Maybe some Edam and Emmenthaler cheese served with table grapes and crackers is more your style. You can’t go wrong with foods that start with E! We hope you enjoy them all.

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