Catalan mango cream

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This Catalan mango cream is a dessert that you are going to enjoy a lot. Go ahead and do it at home and tell us how it turned out.

I still can’t resist sweet recipes, but at least I’m getting them to have fruit in their composition. We are going to make a Catalan mango cream that is really soft, sweet and with a delicious mango flavor, and how could it be otherwise, it will have its corresponding thin layer of crunchy caramel.


  • Mango pulp, 250 g
  • Evaporated milk or whole milk, 210 g
  • Cinnamon stick, 1 (*)
  • Orange peel, 1/2 orange (**)
  • Sugar, 40 g
  • Egg yolks, 2
  • Cornstarch, 30 g
  • Sugar, to sprinkle and burn

(*) If you don’t have cinnamon, you can substitute half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

(**) You can substitute the orange peel for lemon peel, or combine both flavors and add the peel of half of the two fruits.


01: Prepare the milk infusion with cinnamon and orange

Prepare the milk infusion with cinnamon and orange

We wash the orange (and the lemon, if we are going to use it) well with warm water and a brush to eliminate the external treatment they give these citrus fruits to make them more shiny. With the help of a sharp peeler or knife, we peel the orange avoiding the little white skin that is under the skin as it could make the preparation bitter.

Pour the evaporated milk into the Thermomix glass, along with the cinnamon stick and the orange peels (and lemon). Heat by programming 10 min / 90ºC / spoon speed, turn to the left .

We reserve in a covered bowl and let the mixture infuse and cool while we continue with the recipe.

We wash the glass.

02: Make the mango cream
Make the mango cream
Make the mango cream

We peel the mango, separate its pulp and reserve it.

We separate the whites from the yolks. We reserve the egg whites for another preparation.

We put the butterfly on the blades and pour the yolks and sugar into the Thermomix glass. Mix to whiten by programming 5 min / 37ºC / speed 3.5 . The mixture will be very light and will have increased in volume.

Add the cornstarch and mix well 30 sec / speed 1.5 . We remove the butterfly.

Add the mango pulp and grind the whole, programming 30 sec / speed progressive 5-7 . With the spatula we lower the remains of the mixture that have remained on the walls and we crush again 30 sec / progressive speed 5-7 . We check that there are no lumps in the mixture.

We place a strainer over the Thermomix glass and strain the milk infusion that we had reserved. Heat the mixture 10 min / 90ºC / speed 3 . When the time is up we check the thickness and if we want them a little thicker we program another 2 minutes at the same speed, but this time without temperature.

03: Distribute the Catalan mango cream in containers and let it cool
Distribute the Catalan mango cream in containers and let it cool
Distribute the Catalan mango cream in containers and let it cool

We distribute the mixture in the containers that we have chosen to serve the Catalan mango cream. Let it cold down.

When the cream is completely cold, we cover it with plastic wrap and put the containers in the refrigerator for a few hours to set. You can prepare them the day before and they will be even richer, since they win with rest.

04: Serve the Catalan mango cream
Serve the Catalan mango cream
Serve the Catalan mango cream

At the moment of serving, we sprinkle the cream with plenty of sugar and we burn it with the help of a kitchen torch so that a thin layer of crunchy caramel is created.

We immediately serve our Catalan mango cream to taste the crunchy sugar layer in contrast to the mellowness of the mango cream.

If you have any leftover Catalan cream, keep it in the refrigerator but without adding or caramelizing the sugar; If you have already done it, nothing happens, it will also be rich but it will lose the grace of the contrast of textures because the layer of crystallized sugar will dissolve and turn into liquid caramel.