White chocolate and yogurt mousse with peach jelly

White chocolate and yogurt mousse with peach jelly
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I love the desserts presented in glasses or glasses because they are very attractive on the table and are very easy to distribute among the guests.


  • Gelatin, 1 sheet
  • Whipping cream, 200 g (minimum 35% fat)
  • White chocolate, 100 g
  • Greek yogurt, 125 g


We will prepare a very simple, creamy egg-free mousse, made with cream, white chocolate, and yogurt, which we will accompany with a base of peach jelly in syrup and that we will top with some small cubes of the same peach.

The contrast of colors is attractive and refreshing, and the set of flavors is very balanced.

Preparation of the white chocolate mousse and yogurt cups with peach jelly

01: Prepare the peach jelly, pour it into the glasses, and let it set 

We start by preparing the peach jelly because it will be the base of the cups where we will present this dessert, and we need it to cool and set so that we can later pour the mousse on top and not spoil this base.

We hydrate the gelatin sheet in cold water following the manufacturer’s instructions. In my case, I have left it in the water for 10 minutes, hydrating.

We will prepare syrup; for this, we put a saucepan over medium heat, add the water and sugar and mix so that the sugar dissolves. Let it cook until the sugar is completely diluted in the water. Remove the saucepan from the heat and add the previously hydrated and well-drained gelatin sheet. We stir and mix until the gelatin is well integrated.

Pour the two peach halves and the syrup into the blender glass. We grind the whole until obtaining a fine puree texture.

We divide the mixture into 4 glasses or glasses and let it temper. Once they have lost heat, we reserve them in the refrigerator to cool completely and set.

02: Prepare the white chocolate and yogurt mousse

While the peach jelly is cooling, we continue with the recipe, and so by the time we finish preparing the mousse, the jelly will be perfectly curdled, and we can pour the mousse on top.

We hydrate the gelatin sheet in cold water, as in the previous step.

We whip the cream. We can do it by hand, with a wire mixer, or with a food processor. I have used the Thermomix, and for this, I have put the butterfly on the blades, I have added the icy cream to the glass, and I have beaten at speed 3.5 without programming time until it has been mounted. We reserve in the fridge.

While the gelatin is hydrated and the cream cools, we will melt the chopped white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler. You have to be very careful with white chocolate because it burns quickly. If we do it in the microwave, we must use a microwave-safe container. We program 1 minute at 500 W; we take it out and stir until we have a creamy and homogeneous consistency. If necessary, we repeat the process at the same temperature in sequences of 30 seconds. If we do it in a water bath, we will need to heat it for about 5 minutes, stirring continuously.

When the chocolate is completely melted and creamy, add the hydrated and drained gelatin and mix with the help of some rods until it dissolves completely.

We let the chocolate temper a little. Add half of the yogurt; this will help us balance the temperatures and continue mixing with the rods until we achieve a uniform and shiny texture. Now add the rest of the yogurt and continue beating until a homogeneous cream is left.


Now we are going to add the whipped cream to the mixture of chocolate and yogurt. We add a spoon of whipped cream to the bowl and integrate it with a spatula with enveloping movements. We continue adding the cream little by little, by tablespoons, and we will incorporate them gently so that the mixture remains aerated and the cream does not lose its volume.

We take out the cups that we had reserved in the refrigerator and spread the mousse over the cold gelatin without reaching the edge.

We cover the glasses with plastic wrap and reserve them again in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours or until serving time.

03: Serve the glasses of white chocolate mousse and yogurt with peach jelly

We must remove our white chocolate mousse and yogurt with peach jelly glasses from the refrigerator about 15 minutes before being served so that they are cold but not too cold so that we can taste them with the perfect texture and in all their splendor.

When we serve the glasses, we add a few cubes of the peach in syrup that we had reserved over the mousse and decorate with some mint or spearmint leaves, which will give it a nice contrast in color and a refreshing aroma.