Frozen lemon cake and condensed milk

Frozen lemon cake and condensed milk
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This frozen lemon and condensed milk cake is going to become the most refreshing of the summer and the queen of the holidays.



For the base

  • Maria type cookies, 50 g
  • Butter, 20 g

For the ice cream

  • Evaporated milk (or cream), 210 g
  • Condensed milk, 220 g
  • Zest from the skin of 1 lemon
  • Juice of 1 lemon

For the lemon curd cream

    • Azúcar, 80 g
    • 1 lemon peel
    • Juice of 1 lemon
    • Butter, 30 g
    • Eggs, 1


With these quantities, I have made three mini ice cream cakes of 10 cm in diameter. By doubling the quantities, you can make a cake with a diameter of 20 – 22 cm.

Although it cannot be said that this cake, we will be able to reduce some calories if we use evaporated milk instead of cream to make the ice cream, and the result will remain very creamy. We can’t always be counting calories, so go ahead and indulge yourself from time to time and give it a try!

Preparation of the frozen lemon cake and condensed milk with Thermomix (TM5)

01: Prepare the base of the cake and the molds

We start by deciding if we will prepare a single large cake of about 20 or 22 cm in diameter or several smaller ones. As I have already mentioned above, if you opt for the large cake, double the ingredients, and I recommend that you choose a removable mold.

On this occasion, I have chosen to prepare 3 individual mini cakes with round stainless steel plating rings of 10 cm each. They do not need to be greased or lined with greaseproof paper as they unmold easily.

We are going to prepare the base of the cakes. To do this, pour the cookies into the Thermomix glass and crush them by programming 2 sec/speed 10. We reserve in a bowl.

We weigh the butter on the lid of the Thermomix and melt it in the microwave for a few seconds. When it is liquid, we pour it over the reserved bowl with the crushed cookies. We stir with a teaspoon so that the cookies are mixed with the butter until we have a texture of coarse sand.

We pour this mixture into the bottom of the chosen molds. We press the mixture with a fork or the bottom of a glass so that the layer compacts. We reserve the molds in the refrigerator.

02: Prepare the ice cream

To assemble the ice cream, we need the evaporated milk to be very cold. I have put it in the freezer for a few minutes, and I have also put the Thermomix glass in the refrigerator.

We put the butterfly on the blades, shake the evaporated milk container well and pour it into the glass. As if we were to whip cream, we set speed 3.5 without setting time. We will beat until it more or less doubles its volume; I have beaten it for 1 minute and a half.

Without removing the butterfly, add the condensed milk and the lemon zest. Mix by programming 15 sec/speed 3.5 without a beaker and add the lemon juice through the nozzle. When we finish, the cream will have thickened and will be creamy.

Pour the lemon cream on the cookie bases, which will have already cooled down. We smooth the surface and put it in the freezer for at least two or three hours until the cream is frozen.

03: Prepare the lemon curd or lemon cream

While we wait for the cream of the mini cakes to harden, we are going to prepare the lemon cream.

We wash and dry the Thermomix glass well. Pour the sugar and pulverize it, programming 15 sec/speed 5 to 10.

Add the lemon peel strips without any white part and grind 15 sec/speed 9.

Add the butter, which we will have at room temperature, and the lemon juice and mix by programming 1 min/speed 2.

Add the egg and mix 10 sec/speed 4.

Cook the mixture for 7 min / 80ºC / speed 2 .

Let cool and reserve until use in an airtight container in the fridge.

When the milk cream layer has frozen, we pour the lemon cream on top and put it back in the freezer again until this layer freezes.

04: Serve the frozen lemon cake and condensed milk

To serve the mini cakes, we take them out of the freezer a few minutes before and unmold them. Doing this will be enough to push the layer of cookies slightly from below until we notice that the whole is displaced, and then we will gently shake from top to bottom on the chosen plate until the cake falls under its weight.

We should not unmold them much before consumption; I like to do it approximately 15 minutes before because the cake over time ” faints”; after all, they are layers of cream without any gelling agent added. Give them body.

We decorate them to our liking, in this case with some fresh blueberries, mint, and a little lime zest to give it aroma and provide color contrast.