Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe Easy

Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe Easy
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3 ingredients are all you need for this quick and easy cookie and cream ice cream cake recipe. Make this easy Oreo ice cream cake recipe today!


  • 1 half gallon vanilla ice cream
  • (1) 15.5 oz. package of oreos
  • (1) 8 oz. container of cool whip


  • Place the ice cream on the counter to soften it.
  • Take all but about 12, put them in a gallon freezer bag and mash them with a mallet or rolling pin to coarsely shred them.
  • Arrange them in the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish, spreading them evenly.
  • Place the remaining oreos in the freezer bag and mash. Put aside.
  • Once the ice cream has softened, drop the entire half gallon over the crushed oreos. Distribute evenly.
  • Put in the freezer for about an hour or until the ice cream begins to harden.
  • Remove from the gel and spread the fresh whisk on top.
  • Garnish with oreos.
  • Return to the freezer and freezer for at least 2 hours until the cake has set.
  • When ready to serve, let it sit on the counter for about 5 minutes to soften a bit, making cutting and serving easier!


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