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Tacos with Nopales and Scrambled Eggs
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Tacos with Nopales and Scrambled Eggs



  • 8 mini-tortillas made of corn.
  • 1 cup of cactus paddles that have been cooked and diced
  • 4 big scrambled eggs
  • 2 tomatoes and 1 small onion, diced
  • For garnish, use chopped avocado and cilantro.


  1. The chopped onion should be cooked until transparent in a pan.
  2. Cook for a few minutes after adding the diced nopales.
  3. Add the diced tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Eggs should be cooked until done.
  4. In a microwave or a dry skillet, reheat the tortillas until hot.
  5. Build the tortillas: Place a small amount of the nopales and egg mixture onto each tortilla. Avocado dice and cilantro are used as a garnish.
  6. Serve right away.


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