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Gluten Free Cookie Bars Recipe

Gluten Free Cookie Bars Recipe

Topic: Gluten Free Cookie Bars Recipe

Gluten Free Cookie Bars Recipe

Gluten Free Cookie Bars Recipe

These gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bars are perfect for bake sales, after-school treats, and potlucks and will be a success with all chocolate fans! They’re easier to create and take less time than cookies.

Because so many of you have tried and enjoyed my gluten-free chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe, I decided to share a couple of variations this year. The gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bars are first!

These delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bars must be made. I changed a few things when I made these bars instead of cookies. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tasted a few surprisingly dry cookie bars. I didn’t want that to happen here, so I upped the butter to make sure these bars weren’t dry. It was a wise choice!

Second, I used chocolate chunks of two different sizes. I wanted to make sure that every bite contained a smidgeon of chocolate! I used both standard and tiny semi-sweet morsels in this recipe.

You may also use some milk chocolate and dark chocolate to make it more interesting. However, you should indeed include some mini ones. They assist in ensuring that you don’t receive a single non-chocolate bite!

Ingredients for these gluten-free chocolate chip bars are as follows:

Gluten-Free Mama’s Almond Blend and Cup4Cup flour were successfully tested. Other types of flour, not just rice flour, should work OK in these. There is no grittiness in the two I recommended. I can’t promise that with your preferred blend, but give it a shot!

Cream cheese is an essential component in this dish. Don’t forget to do it!

The butter is the same way. Butter, mmm.

Guittard semi-sweet chocolate baking chips are my favourite chocolate chips because they are easy to find in most supermarket stores. They’re made in a facility that’s gluten-free and peanut-free. Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolates, available in small chips or gigantic chunks, are gluten-free and free of the top eight allergens.

For that shiny, somewhat melted look you see in the photographs above, I like to put a few extra chips on them for baking for the last two minutes. Set aside some of the chocolate chips in the recipe if you want to do that as well.

If you ship these to someone, I will skip the chocolate chips on top so they don’t become too messy.

After they have cooled in the pan, slice them up. To cut these, I recommend using a plastic knife. I recently purchased this one, and it is fantastic! This prevents your pan from scratching, and it slices through the bars so cleanly that it doesn’t become gunked up.

You can make them as big or as small as you want. I usually slice them according to how many people will be eating them at whatever occasion I’m taking them to.

These would be a great treat to send to a gathering or mail to a friend. If you make them, please let me know what flour you use!

If you make them and enjoy them, please return to the recipe card and give it a 5-star review! Please feel free to leave suggestions or share any successful substitutions you’ve made in the comments section.

Gluten Free Cookie Bars Recipe

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