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Diabetic Protein Shakes Recipe

Diabetic Protein Shakes Recipe

Topic: Diabetic Protein Shakes Recipe

Diabetic Protein Shakes Recipe

Diabetic Protein Shakes Recipe

Protein shakes and smoothies are all the rage these days, and they are suitable for you. If you have diabetes, you might wonder how these popular pre-and post-workout drinks will affect your blood sugar. They can have almost any ingredient under the sun.

There’s no need to avoid these drinks. There are a lot of diabetes-friendly recipes on the internet. This is a list of our top eight protein shake and smoothie recipes for people who have diabetes, as chosen by us.

1. Peanut butter and jelly is a good source of protein in a shake made with protein powder.

Is a thick, creamy milkshake with peanut butter and jelly sound good to you? If so, hold on to your seat! My “Dashing Dish Protein Shake” is going to change your life when you try this PB&J version of it. Eat it with a spoon or drink it through a straw. It’s now possible to have peanut butter and jelly in a rich and creamy protein-packed “milkshake.”


  1. A half-cup of cottage cheese
  2. One scoop of protein powder
  3. This is how it looks: 1 tbs Strawberry jelly 2 tbs Peanut flour
  4. Take a pinch of salt and sweetener of your choice
  5. 3/4 cup of water and 7 ice cubes
  6. Three drops It is made from maple.


Mix everything in the blender until you get the right consistency.


2. A French toast protein shake made with milk and eggs.

Many people have good memories from their childhood of Cinnamon and melted butter on warm French toast that was drenched in maple syrup and butter. Make a thick and creamy protein shake with all of your favourite flavours.

It tastes so good it could be mistaken for a milkshake at first. I told you that you could have French toast and a milkshake with your meal for breakfast. It’s worth getting up for, I think.


  1. A half-cup of cottage cheese
  2. In this case, I used 1 scoop of protein powder.
  3. Take 1 tablespoon of Maple extract and 1/2 tablespoon of Cinnamon and mix them.
  4. A half-cup of water, one cup of ice, and a teaspoon of sweetener of your choice


Put everything into a blender and mix until it’s creamy. Add more or less ice as you like.


3. Soy is a good smoothie for you.

If you’re lactose intolerant or don’t eat meat, Diabetes Self-Management has an excellent smoothie for you. A lot of protein comes from soy milk, which is also soft. This dessert is made with frozen strawberries, half of a small banana, and almond extract to make it taste good. If you haven’t tried silken tofu before, now is the best time to try it.


  1. Half a cup of unsweetened, calcium-enriched vanilla soy milk
  2. This is 1 1/2 cups of silken tofu (about 4 ounces)
  3. Frozen strawberries that haven’t thawed: 1/2 cup
  4. Half of a 6-inch banana
  5. Half a teaspoon of almond extract
  6. An artificial sweetener to make the food taste better


In a blender, put all the ingredients, cover, and blend on high until smooth and creamy. Serve right away.

4. It’s a chocolate shake with a lot of protein and no sugar added.

You are looking for a sweet treat that you haven’t had in a while? Look no further! Take care of your chocolate cravings with this icy smoothie from Sugar-Free Mom, and you’ll never want chocolate again!

It’s made with protein-rich almond milk, cottage cheese, and protein powder, and it tastes great. Unsweetened cocoa powder and liquid chocolate Stevia give the smoothie a rich chocolate taste.


  1. Almond milk with no added sugar: 1/4 cup
  2. Half a cup of cottage cheese
  3. To make cocoa powder: 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  4. In this case, 1 scoop whey protein powder.
  5. Half a teaspoon of liquid stevia in chocolate



5. The rice protein shake has a lot of rice in it.

If you don’t like whey protein powder, you can use rice protein powder in this shake instead. You can also add fresh or frozen fruit to it. For healthy fat, it also has nuts and flaxseeds. You might not expect to find borage oil in this smoothie, but it has anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s not safe to use borage oil if you’re pregnant or if you’re taking warfarin or seizure medicines. Because of the oil, you may also have problems with your stomach. It’s okay if you don’t want to use borage oil or are worried about the side effects.

You can leave it out if you don’t want to. You’ll still get the benefits of a tasty protein shake, but you won’t like it as much. Protein powder: 2 scoops of rice protein powder (or follow directions for the serving size of the product you pick).


  1. 1 Tablespoon of organic flax and borage oil made with flax seeds
  2. A teaspoon of ground flaxseed:
  3. If you want, you can make ice out of filtered water.
  4. 6-8 Ounces of water that has been cleaned
  5. A half-cup of fresh or frozen organic fruit that isn’t made with citrus should be used (such as Cherries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Peaches, Pears, or Bananas)
  6. If you want to add some nuts, you can do so. They should be soaked in water overnight (Such as Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, or any combination)


Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix them well.

Diabetic Protein Shakes Recipe

People Also Ask:

Can diabetic drink protein shakes?

People with diabetes who eat protein foods, like shakes, can keep their weight in check by adding high-fibre ingredients to them.

Are protein shakes bad for diabetics?

Whole grains and protein foods take longer to break down than sugars and processed carbs. The rise in blood sugar will be more gradual if you eat more slowly. Those who have diabetes will be better off if they do this. On the other hand, protein shakes can be very processed and have a lot of sugar in them.

Does protein shakes help diabetes?

In 2017, a small study of 22 people found that people with type 2 diabetes who ate whey protein might improve their health. Researchers found that whey powder made average weight and triglyceride levels raise their blood sugar levels, suitable for them.

Slim fast diabetic protein shake

  1. SlimFast Advanced Nutrition High Protein Meal
  2. SlimFast Diabetic Friendly Meal Replacement Powder, Vanilla Milkshake
  3. SlimFast Advanced Nutrition High Protein Meal Replacement Smoothie Mix

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