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Caprese Chicken Salad Recipe
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Caprese Chicken Salad Recipe



  1. Chicken breast, cooked and cubed.
  2. Cherry tomatoes, diced
  3. Fresh mozzarella,
  4. Ripped fresh basil leaves
  5. Balsamic glaze
  6. Pepper and salt as desired


  • Combine the cubed chicken, cherry tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella in a bowl.
  • To add a fragrant herbaceous aroma, add freshly torn basil leaves.
  • For a sweet-tangy flavour, drizzle balsamic glaze over the mixture.
  • To taste, add salt and pepper to the dish.
  • Serve it alone, over a bed of mixed greens, or in a thin, energizing sandwich.


Recipe Advice:

  • Use fresh mozzarella of the highest calibre for the finest flavour and texture.
  • Ripe cherry tomatoes are delicious and juicy, so choose them.
  • To avoid the salad being too soggy, drizzle the balsamic glaze right before serving.


  • To make a Chicken Caprese pasta salad, add some cooked spaghetti.
  • Use a premium balsamic vinegar reduction instead of balsamic glaze.
  • To add more spice, top with a dash of red pepper flakes or freshly ground black pepper.


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