5 Ingredient Chicken Salad Recipes

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Recipe
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Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Recipe



  1. Chicken breast, cooked and chopped
  2. Greek yoghurt
  3. Cut red grapes in half
  4. walnuts, chopped
  5. freshly sliced dill
  6. pepper and salt as desired


  • Greek yoghurt and diced chicken should be thoroughly mixed in a bowl.
  • Add the chopped walnuts and quartered red grapes slowly.
  • Add some freshly chopped dill for taste.
  • To taste, add salt and pepper to the dish.
  • Eat the creamy and tangy chicken salad over greens, in a pita, or a wrap.


Recipe Advice:

  • Choose cooked, diced chicken breasts that are boneless and skinless.
  • Greek yoghurt provides richness and protein; try plain, unsweetened yoghurt for the greatest flavour.
  • Use Greek yoghurt seasoned with honey if your food tastes sweeter.


  • Use pine nuts or almonds for the walnuts for a different flavour.
  • Red grapes can be replaced with green apples for a tangy and crunchy variation.
  • Try out several fresh herbs, such as chives or parsley.


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