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Vegan Korean BBQ Recipe

Vegan Korean BBQ Recipe

Topic: Vegan Korean BBQ Recipe

Vegan Korean BBQ Recipe

Vegan Korean BBQ Recipe

With summer in full swing, I’m thinking about grilling. The scent seeping into my apartment from my neighbours’ nightly BBQ has compelled the issue. And, while we’ve done the BBQ classics (vegan hamburgers and hotdogs), we haven’t done Korean BBQ. Let’s put that right.

This plant-based Korean barbecue has everything you need for an Asian-inspired supper, from the crispy BBQ tofu main dish to the quick kimchi, cucumber salad, and spring rolls sides; this plant-based Korean barbecue has everything you need for an Asian-inspired supper!

What Exactly Is Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ is a style of preparing and serving cuisine that often consists of many marinated meat and sides. But it’s as much about the experience as it is about the cuisine. Korean BBQ is traditionally barbecued at the table, with regular streams of meats and main courses being cooked up and tossed onto your plate! So how can we make it vegan?

Our plant-based version of Korean BBQ delivers the same sensation — abundant portions of tasty food. You’ll only need the bare necessities for the kitchen; no sophisticated grill is required!

Then there are the original Korean flavours, which our partners have turbocharged at Lucky Foods, which create the most wonderful, flavour-packed Korean items. Here’s what’s for dinner!

Kalbi Tofu: We’re using Kalbi Sauce, a traditional Korean BBQ marinade, to flavour our crispy tofu.

Cucumber Salad: Even those who dislike cucumbers will enjoy this salad! It’s light and delicious and ideal for counteracting the savoury flavours of Korean BBQ.

Instant Kimchi: Combine shredded cabbage and Kimchi Hot Sauce to produce kimchi in minutes!

Spring Rolls: To round things out, we’ll serve our BBQ with these vegan spring rolls (which come in four varieties; which do you prefer?).

Vegan Korean BBQ Recipe

People Also Ask:

Can vegans go to Korean BBQ?

STYLE VEGAN! Aside from the actual meat piece, one distinguishing feature of Korean BBQ is the abundance of vegetables and little side dishes that accompany the experience. So many of the side dishes are vegan, so all you have to do is replace the meat with any meat substitute you like, and VOILA!

what can vegans eat at korean bbq?

Dishes To Eat at Korean BBQ:

What can I order at a Korean BBQ vegetarian?

Prepare as many banchan dishes as you want when making your Korean barbeque. If you’re willing to eat with your hands, you should try traditional cabbage kimchi, blanched bean sprout salad, seaweed salad, Korean BBQ Brussel sprouts, cucumber kimchi, grilled or sautéed gnocchi mushrooms, and lettuce cups.

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