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How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Perfectly – 3 Methods?

How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Perfectly?

Topic: How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Perfectly – 3 Methods?

Hey guys, it today’s Article, we are going to test out the best methods on “how to easily peel hard-boiled eggs”.Yeah seriously, for many years I boiled eggs that were very difficult to peel, or that came out like green, ’cause mostly I forgot about them. Nonetheless, we have freshly boiled eggs right here following the same method.

These are large eggs right, and they are not fresh, they’ve been in my fridge and sme goes for you, for about a week. I always buy an extra carton just to make hard-boiled eggs.

How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Perfectly – First Method :

So the first method you’re gonna test today is rolling the egg on a hard surface. So you’re gonna give it a quick crack, (crackling) you hear that? That is everything cracking. Roll it, and then we submerge it in cold water. So once your egg is wet, it’s easier to separate the shell and the membrane from your egg white.

So I don’t have long nails, but what you wanna do is stick your finger right through and peel it off. And if it gets sticky, you’re gonna re-dip it and keep going. Now the reality is that from time to time you are gonna butcher some of these eggs, ’cause every egg is different. For the record, this is not my favorite method, ’cause I always forget some shell behind no matter what I do.

How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Perfectly – Second Method

All right, so the second method that you suggested is to give your egg a good crack, take a piece out, and then use a spoon to separate the shell from the egg. So I guess you push down on the egg meat and lift up. So some people use the spoon to peel the whole thing. I think it’s really helpful to assist to separate. but everyone’s on pins and needles over. All right, by the way, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what it is that works for you really well because you could help someone else.

I’m just testing out what the internet said besides the way that I do it, which is not this close. All right, so egg number two with the spoon method is would be pretty good I think, so I’d give this a good rating right.

How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Perfectly – Third Method (Works Great)

All right guys, so method number three is to get a small, plastic container and insert the egg in the container where it’s covered by water. So apparently this is the right amount of water, and if you’re probably not gonna agree so feel free to leave comments and tell me, but let’s seal this plastic container and we’re gonna shake it. (rattling) Ugh! Make sure your container is sealed well. As fun as this was, you guys, this method actually worked for me pretty well.

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All right, so if you try this method, let me know. You can give this a try with a different container. See if a mason jar works, because that seems like the next natural idea. Okay. (splashing) I feel like I’m gonna bust my egg or something. (upbeat jingle) Now, I have to say that the shaking method really works, except I just took out half of the egg.

So, maybe that was too violent (with Mason Jar). So,you should be adding a little bit more water on this other egg to see, and one more time. (rattling) Not as violent, be gentler on the egg. (rattling) Okay. (upbeat jingle) This is very intense, peel eggs. But, I gotta tell ya, this jar method seems to work pretty well. Okay so, I took out some, but overall it worked pretty well.

Now, if you wanna know exactly how I do it at home, I just take my egg, it’s really a combination of everything, and I typically have my bowl right next to the water and make sure that the whole time the key is to dip it a lot, ’cause the water helps the shell separately. I feel like most people get very frustrated when it’s hard to lift, and therefore they take out half the egg.

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So you just keep wetting it no matter what method you’re using, if you just keep wetting your egg from the shell, it will separate.

So in Conclusion: make sure you’re not using fresh eggs. Ask your neighbor if you have to. Go buy them a brand new dozen of eggs, whatever you gotta do, but fresh eggs are definitely not as good as eggs that have been in your fridge for a few days, at least a week.


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