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How Long Can Coffee Stay In The Fridge?

How Long Can Coffee Stay In The Fridge?

Topic: How Long Can Coffee Stay In The Fridge?

How Long Can Coffee Stay In The Fridge?

Keeping your ground coffee  (open) in the fridge is a mistake that is often made. Indeed, keeping your coffee in the refrigerator without it being hermetically sealed will not only make it lose its aromas, but it could also absorb the odors of other foods. Read the full article on How Long Can Coffee Stay In The Fridge? below:  

Some people also talk about keeping ground coffee in the freezer and only take out the desired quantity. 

This is rather not recommended since coffee does not like extreme temperatures and even fewer sudden temperature changes. 

Do this only if you want to keep your coffee for several months or if you have large quantities. This will still have the advantage of slowing down the aging process of your ground coffee as much as possible.

As you will have understood, ground coffee is somewhat similar to a fresh product or even capricious once it is opened, hence the importance of storing ground coffee properly. To sum up, there are just a few basic points regarding the conservation of ground coffee that we will simply summarize:

How Long Can Coffee Stay In The Fridge?

There are several ways to store ground coffee. In the fridge, freezer, in metallic or airtight packaging … Al Azhar Foodie tells you everything!

How long to keep your ground coffee?

Unlike conventional foodstuffs, coffee does not have an expiry date, but rather it is a question of an optimum use-by date for ground coffee. All packaging at Club Café Gourmet has an optimal use-by date (DLUO). After this date, this does not mean that your coffee will be unfit for consumption but that it will, on the other hand, have lost a large part of its taste properties (body, aromas, flavors, etc.). This is also why coffee is never really out of date, and that one can naively think (wrongly) that the conservation of ground coffee is by definition infinite as long as it is not opened. On the other hand, once it is open, the best before date is no longer to be taken into account. It is strongly recommended that you consume your ground coffee quickly and within two weeks of opening. And we can only advise you to keep your ground coffee by respecting the advice we have given you previously to best safeguard its taste properties. It is for this reason that ground coffee is preferred in a 250-gram format because, once the package has been opened and the vacuum packaging has been interrupted, time is of the essence (regardless of the BBD). The other aspect of ground coffee and even coffee, in general, is that the closer you are to the date of preparation, the more the taste and aromas of your coffee are guaranteed.

Hermetic packaging

First of all, you should know that ground coffee is a very fragile food that quickly loses its aromas after opening. This is why ground coffee at Club Café Gourmet is stored in airtight packaging, airtight bags, or vacuum canister. The simple reason for this is that coffee, and more particularly ground coffee, will oxidize on contact with ambient air. As long as your ground coffee is still vacuum sealed, no worries. But once opened, for a good conservation of the ground coffee and its aromas, it is necessary to prevent as much as possible the contact with the air, which is its main enemy, shall we say.

Nothing better than metallic packaging

In any case, to keep your ground coffee, nothing beats a tightly closed metal box placed in a cupboard away from light and at room temperature. And if it is really hot, keeping the coffee in the refrigerator is a possible alternative since the coffee stinks more quickly at high temperatures. Still, once the vacuum packaging is unsealed, time is running out on how to store your ground coffee, and it is best to consume it quickly.

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