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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe

Topic: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe

These strawberry brownie puddings are chocolate brownies, in which each strawberry has the added flavor of fresh strawberries by Zainab Rangoonwala.

Here’s how to do it from scratch “Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe“.

These strawberry brownies are a perfect blend of candy, chocolate, and fruit. This is a very easy recipe that you can make with your children too.

If you love brownies and can’t take your eyes off strawberries, this is for you.

I am sure you will love them and that the fragrance of the house will only attract the mind.

To make this brownie beauty you will need some fresh strawberries. So make sure that in the summer when the strawberries hit, put your hands on them and make these sparkling browns.

We’re going to make this strawberry and chocolate brownies from scratch, but if you want to make brownies with Brownie Mix, I’ve got you covered.


This is a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe,

To make these brownies, you need

Strawberry: This strawberry tastes best with fresh strawberries. Be sure to go for good, red strawberries.

All-purpose flour: We will use all-purpose flour here, but you can also substitute whole flour for a healthy alternative. The texture and flavor will be slightly different.

Dark Chocolate: I have used dark chocolate because it imparts the flavor a brownie should have.

Cocoa Powder: Substitute good quality cocoa powder for the best flavor. Poor quality powders can affect the taste of your brownie.

Butter without salt: always choose butter without salt!

Other Ingredients: In addition to these, you will need granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla extracts, and baking powder.


Recipe Guide Step by Step for Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies Recipe


Strawberry Cake Mix Brownies


Storage Tips

Keep these brownie mushrooms tightly in the bowl for about 3-5 days in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

These strawberry brownies freeze well. Once it cools, put them in a zip-lock freezer bag and freeze for about 3 months.

Keep it in the refrigerator overnight before serving or reheating it.


People also asked:

How do you make strawberry brownies from scratch?


How to make Eggless Strawberry Brownies?

To make an eggless brownie, replace the egg with 1/4 cup of yogurt and follow the rest of the recipe.

How can I make my brownies more moist?

I have added an egg yolk to enrich the fumigation without being greasy. Since the dough is quite dense, I suggest that it is strictly tapped with a wooden spoon to ensure a smooth and uniform texture. A chewy brownie is moist, but not so punk.

How to make Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Brownies?

To make a vegetarian brownie, replace the butter with vegetable oil and eggs with condensed coconut milk or yogurt. Also, be sure to use vegetarian chocolate instead of regular dark chocolate.

Can you bake strawberries into brownies?

Add eggs, baking powder, salt, and vanilla or coffee extracts. Pour the mixture into the prepared skillet, add the chopped strawberries to the brownie batter, then bake with a few wet pieces for 20-25 minutes or adding a toothpick. Chill or cool slightly before serving.

How to make it with Cream Cheese?

Can you freeze whole strawberries?

Strawberries can be frozen, sliced or crushed whole and with or without sugar. For the whole, raw berries, first freeze in a single layer on a baking sheet. Doing so will prevent them from getting stuck later. Once they solidify, place them in the freezer container or bag.

Can frozen Strawberries be used?

If you can fold it into the dough, frozen strawberries won’t taste very good when placed on top. I would recommend using only fresh strawberries for the same.

Can we make it with Whole Wheat Flour?

You can replace all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour, but the texture and flavor will be slightly different.

Can we replace Strawberries with other fruits?

You can replace it with raspberry, peach, blueberry, etc.

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