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How To Make Chicken Stick Recipe

How To Make Chicken Stick Recipe

chicken stick recipe

Topic: How To Make Chicken Stick Recipe 

Chicken Stick Recipe: Chicken Stick is a wonderful recipe. Non-eaters will like this dish very much. You can serve pan fried and fried chicken in various flavors. This dish prepared by marinating the pieces of chicken will be liked by everyone. Ingredients for making chicken sticks: You must have eaten a lot of chicken dish and all those dishes have different methods. Chicken stick also has its own way, in which the chicken breast is cleaned with a cloth and stabbed with a knife. The chicken is then mixed with all ingredients except oil to keep it marinated for about two hours and pan fryed later. How to serve chicken sticks: If you are at home If you want to feed some specials to the dinner party, then chicken stick is very good dish. You can serve it as a snack.

How To Make Chicken Stick Recipe

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