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Antelope Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Antelope Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Topic: Antelope Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Antelope Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Antelope Breakfast Sausage Recipe

This is a meal that I feel everyone should try at least once in their lives, but I’m guessing many of you don’t have any Pronghorn Antelope breakfast sausage on hand. First and foremost, we must resolve the issue of obtaining Antelope morning sausage.

In the United States, buying and selling wild-harvested game meat is prohibited. Over a century ago, this was put in place to prevent market hunters from slaughtering herds of the game to sell the meat to the neighbouring town. If you’ve ever ordered an Elk Burger or Venison Chili at a restaurant, the beef utilised in such dishes was farm-raised.

Pronghorn Antelope are a widely distributed species with historical movement patterns and a penchant for “turning on the jets,” which is difficult to achieve in a high-fence situation.

If this is your first time hunting the world’s second-fastest land animal, I recommend hiring a reputable guide and outfitter. I used SNS Outfitters for my first Antelope hunt, and I was pretty satisfied with the results.

For hunting recommendations, habitat observations, and shot placement instructions, your Guide will be a far superior resource. Therefore, I won’t duplicate them in this article.

Once you’ve got your Pronghorn down, do me a favour and ask your Guide whether you can field dress it yourself, with his help if needed. My Guide told me that just one or two individuals ask him to do it each season and that most people expect him to perform the dirty work for them. You’d better be able to remove the refuse if you’re going to consume it.

We entrusted a local butcher with breaking down and packing the meat, and we crammed a substantial portion of Antelope Breakfast Sausage into our cooler before heading home at the suggestion of the Guide.

Antelope meat has relatively little flavour or texture in common with deer venison. Trying to explain it to you would only highlight my deficiencies with the written word. Please believe me when I say that everyone I’ve introduced to antelope meat has been pleasantly delighted.

Antelope Breakfast Sausage Recipe

People Also Ask:

Do you need curing salt for breakfast sausage?

You are correct; no curing chemicals are required for fresh sausage hot smoked, grilled, fried, or baked. You will, nevertheless, come across them on occasion. The curing agent in these recipes gives the meat a lovely pink hue after cooking.

What gives breakfast sausage its distinct flavour?

Pork has a moderate flavour that various herbs and spices can complement. This breakfast sausage recipe is made with fennel, sage, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and smoked paprika, all savoury spices with a depth of flavour.

What is the ratio of pork to venison for sausage?

If you’re wondering how much pork fat to put in your venison sausage, the traditional ratio is 80 per cent venison and 20% pork fat. If you want the sausage to be as succulent as possible, go higher than 20%, but anything above 50% can be too fatty.

What is the difference between breakfast sausage and regular sausage?

The name comes from sausage patties are ground sausage-shaped into a patty shape. There is no external casing on the ground sausage, which is pressed into thin, spherical discs. Breakfast sausage is frequently ground and thoroughly seasoned with a spice blend that includes sage, thyme, salt, and pepper.

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